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Personal data protection

Personal data protection statement

The ............ content management system does not use or provide website visitor data to third parties. It also does not sell or offer other commercial data.

The personal data of website visitors is recorded in the following instances:

  • During user registration for the purposes of subscribing to newsletters sent via the local city radio station by the portal’s administrator

  • During user registration for the purposes of contributing to discussions between registered visitors

In both instances, the system does not forcibly collect or otherwise identify personal data as mandatory (if not specified in specific instances by the actual software administrator, i.e. the city). Webex media s.r.o. distances itself from all information gathered if the portal administrator requires mandatory data to be provided in violation of the Personal Data Protection Act.

All aggregated data is provided voluntarily by visitors during registration. We do not provide the data of registered users in any way and are part of a security program.