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Rožňava’s city police were established in 19 December 1990 upon Rožňava City Council Resolution No. 1/1990

Competencies assigned the city police are laid down in Slovak National Council Act No. 564/1991 Coll. on General Policing as amended. The city police are a law enforcement unit actively responsible for ensuring public order is maintained in city limits, protecting the environment in the city and fulfilling other tasks defined in generally binding city ordinances, city council resolutions and mayoral decrees.

The city police investigate and resolve various misdemeanours in block proceedings that are defined by specific regulations as well as selected offences involving public safety and traffic regulations, in particular zones with restrictions on stopping, standing, turning, U-turns and areas in which vehicles are prohibited


Mailing address

City Police (Mestská polícia)
Šafárikova ulica č.29, 048 01 Rožňava
City Office
+ 421-58-732 13 30, 0905 583 630, Emergency number: 159
Structure of Rožňava city police
The Rožňava city police force is currently 16 members strong.
The police chief is responsible for all city police activities. The chief’s duties include:
  • organising the work of city police officers,
  • managing professional training activities for city police officers,
  • collaborating with commanders of state police and military police units, public authorities and other entities within the city,
  • filing reports to the city’s mayor concerning public order in the city and city police activities,
  • participating in city council meetings and other operative meetings involving city officials,
  • submitting city police materials to the city council,
  • submitting city police materials to the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic,
  • reviewing actions taken by patrol units and assessing their legality,
  • reviewing suggestions from residents concerning city police officers and their activities.
A deputy chief stands in for the city police chief during absences.

Chief of Rožňava City Police;
Ing. Róbert Hanuštiak

Šafárikova ulica č.29, 048 01 Rožňava
Tel. : + 421-58-732 13 30
Mobil: 0915 912 899

Deputy Chief of Rožňava City Police
Pavol Prívozník
Šafárikova ulica č.29, 048 01 Rožňava
Tel.: + 421-58-732 13 30
Mobil: 0918 792 945
Coordinator for Investigations and Prevention
Arpád Kelemen
Šafárikova ulica č.29, 048 01 Rožňava
Tel. : + 421-58-732 13 30




City police officers are on-duty continuously from Monday to Saturday. On-duty officers work on the following shifts:

Desk duty - 1 officer on every shift

- manages patrol activities during the shift and operates the CCTV camera system,
- takes calls from residents,
- handles notices concerning offences,
- coordinates cooperation with the state police and other institutions,
- provides information to residents,
- in emergencies (accidents, etc.), coordinates patrol activities and acts to save lives, prevent injury and protect property,
- fulfils other tasks ordered by the city police chief.

6 AM to 2 PM shift (1 – 2 patrols, 2 officers per patrol)

- monitors safety for children near primary schools,
- checks for compliance with public order focused on the broader city centre and the city cemetery,
- investigates offences and conducts activities focused on prevention,
- cooperates with residents with focus on assigned service districts,
- patrols paid parking lots,
- delivers subpoenas and other court orders,
- fulfils tasks assigned by the shift commander.
2 PM to 10 PM shift (1 – 2 patrols, 2 officers per patrol)
- checks for compliance with public order across the city and conducts the same activities as the 6 AM to 2 PM shift.

10 PM to 6 AM shift (Friday and Saturday only, 1 patrol, 2 - 3 officers)
- checks for compliance with public order across the city, especially in problematic locations (public areas in front of bars, clubs, pubs and in the city centre).

Patrols employ a suitable combination of foot, bicycle and motorised patrols.

The chief may order officers to work a special schedule in emergencies or special events (city days, fairs, unplanned collaborative events, etc.)

A sheltered workplace was established at Rožňava city police on 1 May 2009 for a total of 3 disabled workers. These workers operate the city’s CCTV camera system on two shifts during regular business days.

Get to know your local police officer 
The city created service districts to bring Rožňava city police closer to city residents, to build personal relationships and local knowledge and to improve the personal engagement of Rožňava city police officers in their assigned activities.